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Iklan Free: Projek Besar

Posted by | Posted on 6:00 PM

Nama*: Azam

Email*: [email protected]

Website: http://www.velocity4u.com/comp-presentation.asp

Tajuk Iklan*: Projek Besar

Mesej*: Opportunity

Extra Income Potential

First in the market with the Patagonian Maqui Juice in a powerful formulation like no other. Velocity International Marketing's compensation plan provides the means for each and everyone individual to create the income that they deserve. For the seasoned professional, the opportunity allows for you to create the mega-earnings that you strive for thru the business actions that are duplicated in your Power Teams. For the novice or part-time earner, the income potential is completely up to you and how high you would love to go thru your daily business actions.

You will be able to take advantage of 6 areas of income earnings with the additional rewards and recognition for those reaching Presidential and beyond!

Velocity International understands the excitement of beginning your business and quickly becoming profitable, with that, the Turbo Bonus was designed to reward you for enrolling new team members and customers.

Each time a product package sale has been completed by a new team member or customer, a Turbo Bonus is then earned by you, the qualified sponsor.

A GREAT way to put money in your pocket
the DAY you begin your business!

Another powerful way to put money into your pocket immediately is by taking advantage of the huge profits you can earn by building a great retail base.

As a member, you can purchase each product at the wholesale price, you then have the opportunity to Retail each product for a wonderful profit for your efforts.

Velocity International also offers order processing and drop-shipping of Retail Orders for those customers not in your immediate area.

To help the MOST amount of people succeed as fast possible, the Binary Compensation plan is based on building just TWO teams.

In addition to your own efforts, the TEAM concept helps to create the mega organization thru business systems, actions and trainings to assist in a knowledge base team that is daily sharing the product and the business opportunity.

Just Call me : 012-485 7675 - Azam

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